Men of Honor

Men of Honor is a new generation skirmish wargame, a new 28mm miniatures game for 2 or more players controlling 2 factions that fight for the control of the city.

The modular game board allows to quickly set up the playing field in an exact and proportionate scale.


Measuring 90 x 90 cm (36 x 36”), it reproduces a part of a hypothetic north american city, with stores, shops, buildings, banks and much more.


In the box you will find 8 wonderful metal miniatures, so you can start immediately to play your first games in the fascinating Gangsters’ world!

America 1920-1930, the prohibitionism era!

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles….as well as all the major american cities are the cradles of the organized crime.


Gangs of various ethnic extractions, such as irish, polish, greek and italian, the most powerful of all, dominate and control cities as well as human beings, through the racket, prostitution and, above all, the illegal alcohol market.


In the America of those years there are frequent clashes between rival gangs in order to expand their control area or simply to decide who’s the boss. This is what’s going on in the cities in spite of all the efforts made by the police forces, that attempt to restrain the violence on the streets.


The clashes are violent and no quarter is given to the opponents. Gunfights in full daylight, ambushes, executions, bank robberies and all the possible criminal acts are the daily life in the first decades of America’s 20th century.